Giulia Negri

The Truffle House

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The Truffle House

Hunting and Tasting Truffle

The Langhe are unique in this world: Serradenari is unique amidst the Langhe. Only in Serradenari; in a brief time spell, you can search, smell, understand and taste the white truffle of Alba in its natural habitat: form the depths of the forest to a garnished table.

An adventure which starts with the company of hounds and a Trifolao, surrounded by the majestic trees which hold the secret, until finally reaching the kitchen of an excellent chef, where you will have the opportunity to taste the truffle layered upon the most classic dishes served in Piedmont, all accompanied by a glass of Barolo. Thus to conclude the hunt and the lunch with a few exclusive recipes, elaborated especially for you. The historic truffle forest and the mountain of Barolo are waiting to deliver you a special adventure, an adventure based upon the principles of delivering the most authentic elements of nature and a sophisticated elegance of taste.

The earth offers us its most splendid fruits, let us take care of them with the attention they deserve, we shall have in return the best it can offer and we desire…. Chef Antonio Mucci

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